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Russian Federation Languages: English, Русский

Since 2014 we professionally work in e-Commerce and help business of all levels expand capabilities online. During this period we finished about 500 projects created mostly on CS-Cart. We also developed more than 100 add-ons and themes and ready to integrate them to any platform our clients have. We aim to make online stores functionality all over the world more convenient and easier.


Cart-Power Services
Cart-Power Services


We can handle any difficulties, therefore, we take not only the development of modules and themes, but also create highly loaded online stores from scratch. Make sure!

Cart-Power Best Cases

Cart-Power Best Cases

Cart-Power Best Cases


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The Cart Power team is great. Customer service is excellent. I would recommend the Cart Power to any live cart.

I have some Cart-Power add-ons. They are all doing the job and even more ! And congratulations to the Cart-Power team as they always answer and help quickly, listening to your need.

Quality add-ons, great customer service. You can go with them !

Their add-ons of Power Blog and Reviews are good for my business and their support is aprecitated. Their faster compatibility with CS cart upgration will be perfect. Highly recommended.

I thought I had a problem after CS-Cart upgraded my web site and the problem was with me not knowing what I was doing. Tatiana from Cart Power was very helpful, prompt, and very courteous about helping me. We have several Cart Power Add-Ons and love all of them.

Working with Cart-Power was amazing. They developed a custom add-on for our website and were super helpful and responsive throughout the whole process. Highly recommended!

Ideal addon to increase our ROI, works very well. One thing better than the addon is the support service provided by CartPower.

It`s a perfect addon for my website. It is simple to install but we had some problems. The support team helped us to remediate the problems.
Everything goes well know and we are proud to have this addon!

Отличная команда. Сотрудничаем уже более 2х лет.
Создали свой нестандартный сайт и продолжаем дорабатывать.
Работы всегда выполняются согласно ТЗ и в оговоренные сроки. При возникновении спорных ситуаций всегда идут на контакт и помогают разобраться с доработками. спасибо!

Даже не знаю, как описать, на сколько продуктивным оказалось сотрудничество! Возникла задача с проработкой набора опций товаров, хотел уж было заказывать дорогущую кучу кода. В итоге ребята решили мою задачу за 30 минут, элегантно и без всяких "изобретаний велосипедов". Огромное им БЛАГОДАРЮ!!!

Cart Power - отличные ребята!
Я заказывал у них не один раз доработки модулей для поисковой системы ЮНИОТАЙМ , всё было сделано в срок и высоко профессионально.
Спасибо, так держать!

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