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Orders feedback

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CS-Cart "Orders feedback" add-on
Orders feedback

Latest release date: December 07, 2015

The Orders feedback s used for automatic sending e-mails to customers who placed an order in the store. The store administrator can create the template of the e-mail, set the reminder time and choose order statuses. The administrator can create as many templates as he/she wants. It is necessary to add the special command to the Cron table (the example is in the add-on setting) to organize the automatic sending.

If you select the old e-mail templates mode in the store settings, then the "Leave reviews on one page" button will be available in e-mail, which leads to a page where the buyer can leave feedback on all purchased products.

General Features:

  • ability to create any amount of different feedbacks
  • ability to set different periods for each feedback
  • ability to choose orders statuses for each feedback
  • ability to use placeholders in text of feedback such as: %Customer firstname%, %Customer lastname%, %Order ID%, %Company name%, %Company phone%, %Company address%, %Products block%
  • ability to use "Test mode" and see what e-mails will receive your customers
  • ability to send notification to leave a review, even if product has no comments enabled

Add-on settings:

Editing feedback:

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
  • CS-Cart Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor PLUS
Compatible versions
  • 4.9.3
  • 4.9.2
  • 4.9.1
  • 4.8.2
  • 4.7.4
  • 4.6.3
  • 4.5.2
  • 4.4.3
  • 4.3.10
  • 4.2.4
  • 4.1.5
  • 4.0.3
  • English
  • Български
  • Dansk
  • Deutsch
  • Ελληνικά
  • Español
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Nederlands
  • Norsk
  • Polska
  • Română
  • Русский
  • Slovenščina
  • 中文
Купил модуль. Не заработал. Обратился в тех. поддержку. Ответ получал очень и очень долго. В итоге, чтобы модуль заработал пришлось потратить три недели ожидания. Функционал модуля также оставляет желать лучшего.
This addon was what i was looking for.. It does exactly what it says, its easy, and great.. BUT the most important thing is, if you do have a version that this addon might not work well, the support team of cart-power will be there to solve the issue (you buy an addon that must work and they will do it work eitherway no matter how much time will be needed).
It's a good and useful add-on. I should have liked more options though, such as details about who the emails have been sent to and who's next etc, just a kind of log so that I can see what's going on. Apart from that it's very nice and works well.
I've received what I am expected. Next step is to make this feedback review addon more friendly. I would like Users to have the possibility to write their feedbacks directly in the feedback E-mails.
This add on helped us and now we have stopped printing small feedback sheets into the invoice for the customer in order to leave a review for our company service. Great support from CS Cart power too! Thank you!
I recently purchased this addon and am happy with it, I needed the articles to display to the sitemap and the developer was quick too add this feature for free and the next day, great service !

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