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SEO Google Date Rich Snippet & Object Last Updated

This CS-Cart SEO addon enables support for the Google last updated rich date snippet, which in hand introduces further features.

20.00 $
SEO Last Updated Google Rich Snippet
SEO Google Date Rich Snippet & Object Last Updated
20.00 $

This CS-Cart SEO addon enables support for the Google last updated rich date snippet, which in hand introduces further features to your storefront, admin, and further development endevours. Each supported CS-Cart object type displays a human readable last updated date in admin and storefront, which attempts to trigger Google last updated rich snippet. Although this addon does its best, it is up to the Google algorithm to display the last updated date.

So what is the last updated rich snippet? When viewing a Google search result, you may notice that some sites/stores display a date after the green URL line, but before the meta description begins. This is the last updated timestamp, which is a sign of freshness. Savvy users choosing a Google result to click on will notice the date.

Please be aware, rich snippets are used when the Google/Bing/Other algorithms decide it's time to display them. This SEO date addon will provide correct string style data to search bots, but it could take awhile before they display in search results. Sometimes months if your domain is not updated regularly, or less than a year old. The best bets for getting any type of rich snippets to display faster are keeping your domain-wide keywords fresh, concise with great content, updated & interlinked regularly, and clean of stuffing or spamming. Additionally, at the time of writing, this snippet is hit or miss when used with product price/reviews snippet or category results count snippet. This is because Google only has so much space to put strings like these in results.

How does this help CS-Cart Admins? In admin, the additional timestamp helps teams understand when a supported object was last modified, for basic audit purposes at the least. It also helps percolate old content when browsing or maintaining. Realizations like "wow has it been that long since we updated this" can help ignite idle funnels.

Are you an addon developer? This addon also extends supported object types to include last updated mechanisms. These should always reliably update the latest epoch at save, assuming it was evoked via standard CS-Cart procedures. Addon uninstall is protected, so unless explicitly required, database fields and last timestamps are preserved, and your work has a fallback data source to rely on.

Direct Link - https://creadev.org/p/cs-cart-seo-last-updated-goo...


  • Enables support for Google rich snippet last updated date before meta descriptions.
  • Enables catalog and admin last updated date in footers.
  • Enables last updated mechanism for supported objects.
  • Custom date format and human friendly string.
  • Multistore compatible.
  • Option to delete/preserve data on uninstall.
  • No license codes (subject to change).


General settings are available in the CS-Cart admin addons area. These may be changed on a per-storefront basis by using the "Store chooser" in admin header.


Demo Storefront - https://src.creadev.org/cs/

Demo Admin - https://src.creadev.org/cs/admin.php

* Please note, our demos may be periodically reset or unavailable. No orders, contact, or otherwise logistical interactions will be processed. Demo admin may be limited or unavailable in certain circumstances. If you require an extended demo or more admin permissions, please contact us at support@creadev.org.

  • Store Builder
  • Multi-Vendor
Compatible versions
  • 4.5.2
  • 4.4.3
  • 4.3.10
  • English

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