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Google Enhanced eCommerce


Поставка в электронном виде.

Google Enhanced eCommerce

How many times did your customers add a product to their cart, and left it there? Why do 60% of your customers who reach your shipping fees page, never proceed with a transaction?

Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting for your CS-Cart e-shop, and experience full customer tracking. Get the “whole” google experience by using this software.

Our add-on works as a replacement of the google_analytics add-on, existing by default in the CS-Cart implementation, and enables your website to communicate with google analytics, by using the "Universal Analytics" modules of Google. Among others, the add-on includes product impressions, product clicks, add-to-cart monitoring and abandonment and checkout steps tracking.

You can easily install this plugin in probably less than 2 minutes! All you need, to set-up the add-on, is a simple installation to your CS-Cart 4, the Google Analytics code you already use in the google_analytics add-on ( something like UA-012345678-1). Then you need to configure your Google Analytics Account accordingly (a step by step Image guide is provided).

This addone is not compatible with CS-Cart Google Analytics Addom. You will need to disable it, as this is replacing its functionality.

With Google Enhanced Ecommerce Addon you can track

  • Shopping Behavior
  • Product impressions
  • Product clicks
  • Checkout steps tracking (Add-to-cart monitoring and abandonment, all 4 steps + submit order)
  • Product Performance
  • Order Performance
We do not support at the moment Marketing reports like Coupons and Product List Perforance, but we will add this in the near future.
Our Add has a one time payment license. Please select Installation from the options, if you wish us to setup Addon and Google Analytics for you!

This Licence entitles you for all and any update and upgrade we perform to the add-on in the next 4 months for free, like promotion-specific tracking functions, and monitoring product lists we plan to add. All updates after the 4 months free time are provided with a 50% discount simply by emailig us your order Number when you purchased this Addon for the first time,

  • CS-Cart
  • Multi-Vendor
Совместимость с версиями
  • 4.4.x
  • 4.3.x


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