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3 reviews
In Stock
The module displays in the administrative section of the site the number of remaining products in stock A useful module for any online store. Allows manage...


3 reviews
Beauty options
The module adds convenient and practical selection of product options. Developed in


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2 reviews
Filter by options
Module Filter f or options allows users quickly and easily set filters for any options possessed by product.

1 review
Advanced pre-order
Module that will give you the opportunity to work not only with available goods, but also to create a pre-order. On our own experience we can say that we ma...


1 review
Unrated shipping
The module adds a new language variable for easy delivery.

Separate robots.txt for each showcase
This module allows easily to change access criteria for search robots to every of your showcases while adding robots.txt file for every showcase separately.

Import and export prices for multiple showcase
The module adds the ability to export and import prices separately for each showcase. Created

$50.00 $15.00
Yandex Market Reviews
Module allows to display reviews, that your clients left in Yandex Market automatically. Created

SEO Extended Category Description
The module creates an additional field in the administrative part of the category management (Modules tab). You can enter the text you need in this field an...

$10.00 $5.00
SEO Extended brand description
The module adds one more text block in the brand section. Now the text can be placed both at the top and bottom of the main content. Standard fields for tex...

$64.00 $54.00
Payment crypto-currencies
The m odule adds the ability to pay crypto-currencies through CryptonatorМодуль добавляет возможность оплаты криптовалютами через Cryptonator

The module allows your customers to see the percentage of return (defect) for goods.