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Product stickers
Helps to attract the existing and new visitors to necessary products and even categories by adding labels with call-to-action text. In addition to thi...

CS-Cart Help Desk Customer Support System Addon
Essential feature to organize an efficient support for the customers of your store. This CS-Cart help desk addon will help you with this purpose perfectl...


Shipment Export and Import
Export order shipment details to a CSV file and print it out. It is much easier to check them that way.


AfterShip Package Tracking Addon
Track all shipments and notify customers of delivery updates. Support UPS, FedEx, USPS and 500+ carriers.

Cloud Translation by Google
Use dynamic Google Cloud Translation services.


Pay with Amazon Payment Gateway
Simplify the payment process with fast and easy Amazon Pay option


Auto-Assign User Group
Assign the newly registered user to a certain user group.


One Step Checkout
This impressive add-on simplifies the default checkout process to one step.Instead of having multiple pages at checkout, one step checkout will collect all ...


Delivery Date
Improve customer experience by allowing them to specify preferable delivery date and time interval to receive orders .