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Lazy loading images

This add-on is included in Speed-Up add-ons package (supplied free of charge for package owners with an active subscription to updates). It allows you to speed up page loading, reduce load, improve Google PageSpeed Insights

Add-on allows, when loading a website page by a browser, to postpone the loading of images of this page to the point in time when they will be needed to display to the user

The principles of operation of the "Lazy loading images" add-on:

With this add-on, you can save resources and make the page load faster (mechanics are a Google requirement for the speed of sites and are mandatory for use)

Why is our implementation of the lazy load function preferred?

  • we use technology that is widely supported by modern browsers and is recommended by Google experts;
  • our approach is widely supported by modern browsers;
  • our add-on does not harm image search engine optimization (yes, images are still indexed and participate in search results)

What benefits you will have from "Lazy loading images" add-on usage:

  • decrease in initial loading time - lazy loading of a web page reduces its weight, which makes it possible to speed up page loading;
  • conserve bandwidth - lazy loading conserves bandwidth by delivering content to users only on demand;
  • saving system resources - lazy loading saves resources of both the server and the client, because only some images, JavaScript and other code really need to be rendered or executed, all the rest must be loaded when necessary;
  • improving Google PageSpeed Insights for website pages
Compatibility with themes

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