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Suggest your price!
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The module allows your customers to offer their own price for your product, and you can specify the available minimum price depending on the purchase price for it.

AI Assistant Chat GPT on admin panel
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Save 40%
CS-Cart add-on Google customer review
Google Customer Reviews
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This module allows you to collect feedback from users who’ve made a purchase in your store and display it for your future clients

Smartarget - Exit Popup
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Use Exit Popup to prevent users from leaving the website

Guest Checkout Pro - Allow Registered Customers To Checkout As Guest
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Guest Checkout Pro for CS-Cart will allow registered customers to checkout as guest

Last Modified
5.0 (2)
TrackFree Package Tracking & More
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Track & Trace, Order Lookup, Tracking Page, E-mail updates 

Crisp Live Chat
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Marketplace vendor pricing privileges
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The module imposes pricing restrictions for the seller. It sets margins in the margins in the settings of product cards.

Price drop notification
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Capture future purchase intent and trigger shoppers to return to your site and buy.