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Extended promotions

This add-on is included in UniTheme2 - premium CS-Cart theme complex and YOUPI - premium theme for CS-Cart (supplied free of charge for package owners with an active subscription to updates)

Add-on expands the functionality of working with promotions, allowing you to use all modern methods of influencing users of an online store in order to increase sales: a countdown counter, announcements of promotions, current, upcoming, past promotions and much more

The principles of operation of the "Extended promotions" add-on:

Add-on will allow you to achieve an expanded look and functionality for store promotions, which is guaranteed to increase sales in your store and the effectiveness of each promotion

What benefits you will have from "Extended promotions" add-on usage:

  • ability to create a detailed page of the promotion (with the action type For catalog) with its own layout, open for search and a list of all products of this promotion and displaying a countdown counter. For each promotion, you can edit / display:
    • <h1> tag;
    • meta tag <Title>;
    • meta tag <description>;
    • meta tag <keywords>;
    • image for the promotion page;
    • image for the list of promotions;
    • enabling filtering by categories of products participating in the promotion;
    • enabling filtering by characteristics of products participating in the promotion
  • extended design of the page of all promotions of the store with announcements of current promotions and a list of available product combinations (integration with the standard Product Combinations add-on) (with the ability to customize the number of displaying promotions and combinations on this page in the pagination);
  • ability to manage the layout on the page for editing promotions;
  • ability to customize the color scheme for the "Product of the day" block (in UniTheme2 - premium CS-Cart theme complex and YOUPI - premium theme for CS-Cart);
  • improvements in the product card with a valid promotion (type of promotion For catalog):
    • block for the announcement of a product promotion with a countdown counter (with the ability to customize the countdown point: before the end of the promotion or until the end of the day);
    • Promotions tab with all the promotions that are currently available for the product
  • improvements in the product list:
  • extra blocks with promotion views:
    • AB: Promotions - a list of promotions with the possibility of filling with promotions: Manual, Active Promotions, Expired Promotions, Expected Promotions;
    • AB: Product of the day and extended promotions - announcement of a specific promotion with a summary of the selected promotion and its products
  • possibility of extended management of the action schedule: ability to manage periods of activity at the level of each day / hour of the year in a user-friendly interface
  • links to promotion pages in the sitemap (integration with the Advanced Sitemap for CS-Cart add-on)
  • stickers for products with a promotion (integration with the Stickers add-on)
  • management of indexing and canonicality of detailed pages of promotions (integration with the Indexing management add-on)
  • templates for meta tags of promotion pages (integration with the Advanced meta tags and placeholders add-on)

Integration with other add-ons:

  • Indexing management - ability to add the tag <meta name = "robots" content = "noindex, follow"> to the promotion pages (to exclude indexing by search engines) and manage the canonicality of detailed promotion pages
  • Advanced Sitemap for CS-Cart - ability to add a promotions page Promotions and discounts to an XML sitemap, which will significantly improve the page's visibility for search engines and ensure fast indexing. Also, add-on will inform search engines about all changes on the page
  • Stickers - ability to create dynamic stickers with the Promotion condition. The logic of the selected promotions will be OR, not AND. This allows the sticker to be applied to the product even when the product has only one promotion
  • Advanced meta tags and placeholders - ability to use templates for meta tags of promo pages
Compatibility with themes

Get a lot of new customers, get them to buy more, increase your profits in any economic environment! Use mechanics of the largest ecommerce market players together with ready-made solutions from the AB developers team!

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