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cscartREES46 eCommerce marketing and sales automation platform.

Set up REES46 once and use all the marketing services without developers' support. Get the necessary tools with just 1 click.

REES46 features

  • Product recommendations
  • Trigger based emails
  • Digest emails
  • Triggered web push notifications and digests
  • Special offers subscriptions form
  • Feedback getting forms
  • Search personalization
  • Customer analytics
  • Advertising analytics
  • Abandoned cart remarketing
  • Display advertising with exact customer segmentation

Personalized Product recommendations

The fastest product recommendations that take into consideration peculiarities of selling products in different categories, such as apparel, cosmetics, baby products, pet products, consumer electronics, construction materials, food and drink, health products.

Product recommendations increase sales by 18%.

Personalized product recommendations blocks

  • Popular products
  • Popular in category
  • Popular on sale
  • Are bought right now
  • People who looked for "..." bought these products
  • Alike products
  • Joint products
  • People who bought “…” also bought these products
  • You have recently viewed

Trigger based emails

10 most effective trigger based emails:

  • Abandoned cart – CTR 26%;
  • Abandoned cart reminder – CTR 18%;
  • Looked through but haven’t bought– CTR 18%;
  • Thanks for purchase – CTR 12%;
  • Abandoned category – CTR 14%;
  • Abandoned search – CTR 13%;
  • Product available – CTR 28%;
  • Price drop – CTR 36%;
  • Most interesting this month – CTR 16%;
  • Regular purchase reminder – CTR 38%.

Personalized digest emails

Use REES46 to make digest mailings and include personalized product selections for every customer. CTR is 18%.

Subscription form

Get your customers contact details for triggered and digest mailings. More than 10% of visitors leave their emails to get personalized offerings.

Search personalization

Using REES46 you can easily:

  • Personalize the autocomplete, putting best offers higher
  • Personalize the results of search
  • Personalize the page with empty search result

Triggered web push notifications

Use REES46 to return your customers. Enable 5 triggered web push notifications with 5 clicks:

  • abandoned cart;
  • abandoned cart reminder;
  • most interesting this month;
  • regular purchase reminder;
  • product available;
  • price drop.

Instant web push notifications
Send special offers to your customers. The CTR is 90%.

Abandoned carts remarketing
Return customers dropped their carts using banners on external web publishers spaces. Your pay just for completed orders. Not for clicks or views.

Get feedback about products and orders
It's essential to prevent spreading negative feedback about your products and services. Use REES46 to get the immediate feedback and reviews. The feedback forms are built in REES46 triggered mailings.

Module languages

  • English
  • Russian

Documentation is accessible on our site


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