Seller Notifications

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Seller Notifications

This addon provides the facility to send notifications to the vendor by admin. Admin can notify multiple vendors at the same time. Admin can send a notification to any vendor with a particular URL when the vendor clicks on that notification it will redirect to that URL sets by admin. Admin can use or create his own template to send a notification to the Vendor and can store it for later use.

Features :

  • Admin can easily integrate into Cs-Cart.
  • Admin can send notifications to vendors.
  • Admin can create his own template.
  • One or more vendors can be notified at the same time.
  • Admin can send notifications with a particular URL.


How To Notify a Seller-

1.Click on Marketing then click on Notify Seller.


2.Then click on Add Button as you see in the below screenshot.


As you can see in the below screenshot there is two option for notify a seller-

1.Send a Quick notification.

2.Add Notification template.


As you can see the below screen there you can see to quick notify to a seller.


As you see below the screenshot there is an option to add/create a template for notifying a seller.



As you can see in the below screenshot the notification as a vendor panel 



This app is developed and published by Ecarter Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a CS-Cart developer. You are guaranteed a quality add-on supported by future versions. If you need help, please contact us via email

Need modifications or any assistance? Please, feel free to contact us via email

  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor PLUS
Compatible versions
  • 4.13.2.SP2
  • 4.13.2.SP1
  • 4.13.2
  • 4.13.1
  • 4.12.1
  • 4.11.3
  • 4.11.2
  • 4.10.4
  • 4.9.3
  • 4.8.2
  • English
  • Български

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