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View product images in catalog
5.0 (1)

Делает ваш каталог по настоящему живым - превью фото прямо в списке товаров.

Links shortener for cs-cart
5.0 (1)
  • Links shortener service on your store.
Product Labels - Simple badges for products
5.0 (1)

Create a convenient labels for your products

Images gallery - add-on for CS-Cart
5.0 (1)
  • Based on pages.
  • Gallery scroller.
  • Gallery images grid.
Preload web fonts
5.0 (1)
  • Increase page loading speed for users.
  • Increase Lighthouse performance scoring.
Google Content API for Shopping - Add your products to Google Merchant
5.0 (1)

Add your website products with Content API for Shopping

Microsoft Azure Translator Integeration
5.0 (1)

Microsoft Azure Translator API integration with advanced settings and Features Helps You to Auto or manual Translate CS-Cart Modules Products , categories , blogs . etc...

ChatGPT AI - mass generation SEO content
5.0 (1)

Integrate ChatGPT directly into your online store and automatically generate content

Unit Price
4.0 (1)

Displays the price of specific unit amount or product value. The ability to set unit amount and value to product's options for easy switching in store.

Change icon of your cart with nice effects with number of products in cart
Awesome Cart Icon Effect
1.0 (1)
Save 80%

This addon will change your cart icon and its appearance to modern style which is best for latest stores.

The old style of cart is improved by newest style and it looks really awesome to users and they have clear visibility to your store cart icon.

Ajax Mega Menu
No reviews

Allows you to optimize the work of your site and make it more attractive. Now the menu items are downloaded, only when you put a cursor on it.

One Line Scroll Layout
No reviews

New layout for product list. Now your customers can just click any product and it will be shown without page reloading.

Power Testimonials
No reviews

Get extended testimonials from customers and show beautiful flexible slider with them on any page of your store.

Fading Blocks
No reviews

Allows to make slider from any blocks of your store.

Auto generation of Meta-data
No reviews

Will allow You to add on all product pages and categories, meta data for the given parameters.

Product Accessories
No reviews

Show accessories for a product right at its' page by creating new block, based on default "Products" block.

Product Shipping Cost
No reviews

Shows available delivery methods, estimated time of shipping and pricing at product's detailed page. Price calculation can work automatically when you open a page or manually when you click a button.

Customer just Bought
No reviews

Shows the notification to all online customers if someone has just made an order on the store. The notification can be customized.

Excluding items from selected subcategories
No reviews

It will allow you to create a list of categories that can be hidden when viewing the main category.

Image gallery for the site and optimisation of the seller's image for Multi-Vendor
No reviews
Save 30%

Adds a photo gallery: to the product card before the description; after the description in the product card; in the product card tab; on the page in front of the main content; on the page after the main content; on the blog pages in front of the main content.

Grouped Merchant Features for Multi-Vendor
No reviews

The "Grouped characteristics" module in two clicks will combine the characteristics and values into one and assign the necessary values. The module also solves the problem of end-to-end filtering of goods or services by the visitor, accelerating the search for goods and increasing customer loyalty.