Automated Transfer from Shop-Script to CS-Cart



Automated Transfer from Shop-Script to CS-Cart provides an opportunity of precise data migration from one platform to another. This module allows you to move products, categories, customers, orders, currencies, taxes and other entities with minimum time spending. Intuitive Migration Wizard will help you to choose entities to transfer and additional options.

Automated Transfer from Shop-Script to CS-Cart has such advantages:

  • Swift. The migration process takes no more than several hours depending on the amount of entities to transfer.
  • Support. Professional Support team will help you to cope with any problem you might encounter.
  • Affordable. Migration price calculation depends on the number of entities transferring and additional options chosen.
  • Free Demo Migration. Check out how automated migration works by using free Demo Migration option.
  • No Downtime. Your current Shop-Script cart will be online during the whole migration procedure.
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