Ve | Increase Website Conversions

Ve | Increase Website Conversions

Gain access to 4 marketing apps that generate sales for tens of thousands of happy customers worldwide

On average we can help your business generate up to 40% in new sales per month.
Website abandonment and cart abandonment are responsible for businesses only achieving up to 30% of their potential sales. 70% or 3 in 4 potential customers place your products in their basket and then abandon. VePlatform tracks all of your customers across your site and lets you deploy a series of Apps designed to win those customers back.

You can trust our apps to:

  • Find you new customers
  • Retarget lost customers
  • Increase your online revenue
  • Increase customer time on your site
Login into VePlatform and gain access to:
  • A display advertising app that lets you advertise through display or social media
    • Get started affordably with display advertising
    • Acquire new customers
    • Retarget lost customers
    • See a significant increase in traffic on your site
    • The result: More sales
  • A search optimisation app that presents the end user with a gallery of products that match their keyword search if they try to bounce from your site without purchasing
    • Fixes search engine product indexing
    • Improves site navigation
    • Helps customers find your products
    • The result: More sales
  • A shopping prompt app that displays a key message or offer to a user if they try to leave your site after browsing and don’t make a purchase
    • Gives you a second chance with a customer
    • Displays a customised offer
    • Persuades the customer to continue shopping
    • The result: More sales
  • An abandoned cart app that automatically sends a series of emails to customers who abandon their cart in the transaction pages
    • Sends mobile responsive attention grabbing emails
    • Sends one or multiple emails at times you decide
    • Persuades the customer to complete their basket
    • The result: More sales

Extra features:
  • All the apps are under your creative control, you can change the copy, artwork and offers, ensuring everything looks the same as your website and brand
  • The abandoned cart app delivers highly personalised emails to each of your customers containing any data you wish to include from the basket session
  • All the apps are automated letting you focus on your customers and business, once you set them up, they automatically run and generate you new sales 24/7/365 days a year
  • You can use one app or all the apps, you just enable them or disable them in VePlatform
  • All the apps are multi-lingual, offering you the ability to run international campaigns in the language of your customers
  • All updates are free, you will continue to see new regular features as we develop our apps
  • We have a series of new apps in design and development right now, you get access to these for free when they go live

  • VePlatform is intuitive and easy to use, you will have access to lots of free educational resources and materials to help you succeed
  • You will gain a business partner who employs 750 people who believe in building and designing better apps that will help your business make more money online
  • You get access to all of our ecommerce planning guides that can help your business increase its revenue further

Why choose Ve:
  • We specialise in ecommerce optimisation, all of our apps are proven to generate new sales
  • We are a multi-award-winning company
  • We support 10,000 happy clients internationally, some of them you may have heard of: Barclays Bank, Lloyds Bank, Audi, Microsoft, Topman, Argos, Karen Millen, Toys R Us, The Economist, Thomas Cook, Liverpool FC.

  • The search, prompt and email app are currently on a CPA basis
  • The display advertising app is currently on a CPA, CPC, CPM basis, priced to suit your goals

Install the VePlatform module today!
  • Store Builder
Compatible versions
  • 4.2.4
  • 4.1.5
  • 4.0.3
  • English
  • Русский

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Ve is a multi award-winning technology company offering a suite of apps across one platform, which

Ve is a multi award-winning technology company offering a suite of apps across one platform, which help online businesses successfully reduce bounce rate, increase customer engagement and minimise website abandonment.

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