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Multiple add to cart
No reviews
Adds ability to add multiple products to the cart with one 'Add to cart all products' button.
CS-Cart add-on Multiple Deals Plus
Multiple Deals Plus
No reviews
Adds a countdown discount timer on the store pages. These discounts are time-limited.
Multiple descriptions + FAQ (with JSON-LD rich snippets)
No reviews

Supports JSON-LD, makes rich snippets in Google search results

Multiple Facebook Pixels
5.0 (1)

Track user actions in your store and run multiple Facebook and Instagram ads campaign more effectively.
CS-Cart addon multiple robots
Multiple robots.txt
3.0 (2)

This module allows to use and edit different robots.txt file for each store-front

Multiple root administrators
No reviews
Retains root admin rights for the user
Multipurpose image optimization and compression tool
5.0 (7)
  • Change the aspect ratio of images.
  • Compress images.
  • Delete unused images.
Multistatuses: additional order statuses
No reviews
Save 42%
Automatic multistatus assignment. Manual control of multistatuses. Search orders by multistatuses.
Must-Have Add-ons Pack For CS-Cart
No reviews
Save 40%
We have collected the most popular add-ons in one package that will take your CS-Cart-based online store to a new level immediately after installation and configuration.
No reviews

MyFatoorah is a flexible and open-source payment gateway built on the CS-Cart e-commerce solution.

Nadavi product export xml feed
No reviews

Allows you to upload products to the price aggregator Nadavi

Natural and Legal Entities
5.0 (1)
Ability to create new groups for users, the registration of which will require entering various personal data depending on the selected group.
Navigation Previous and Next Product
5.0 (3)
Save 34%
It shows the products of the same category. After hover on button you can see popup with product image, name and price
No reviews
Save 33%
New Arrivals Page
No reviews
Save 17%
Displays new products in the separate category automatically.
New orders
5.0 (1)
Automatic loading of new orders with the ability to adjust the refresh rate and highlight time.
Next order coupon generator
4.0 (1)
Providing a discount on the next order is the easiest way to return the customer to the shop.
CS-Cart addon next pay
5.0 (1)

Connect your store to NextPay payment system

Notice in the Telegram
5.0 (5)

You can get notifications about new orders in chat Telegram.

Notifications extended
No reviews
  • Choose administrators for notifications.
  • Get notifications about reviews, order messages and chat.
NotifyVisitors - Notification Management Software
No reviews

Create notifications and show them to target audience based on multiple filters like location and many more

Nova Poshta - Simple Delivery
No reviews
The module helps to automate the work of your online store with the delivery service Nova Poshta Ukraine, using API