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Geolocation Language and Currency Converter
5.0 (4)

CS-Cart Geolocation Language and Currency Converter : This impressive add-on converts currency and language of CS-Cart store in run time based on the visitor’s location. An automatic conversion happens on the basis of Geo-location.

Ask Questions About Products
No reviews
Save 29%

Adds to the product page a form to contact an administrator with any question about the item.

CS-Cart addon DaData
5.0 (2)

This add-on allows to show suggestions for profile fields and autofill address with geolocation service

REES46. eCommerce Marketing Automation and Personalization Suite
No reviews

Everything an effective eCommerce marketer needs to attract new clients, turn visitors into customers, easily recover abandoned carts, reactivate and retain customers, and gain full control over online store growth.

Profile Types for Users & Vendors
5.0 (3)

Ability to create several profile types for users and vendors. You can configure a set of profile fields for each profile type.

Single Seller Checkout
5.0 (2)
CS-Cart Single Seller Checkout allows to checkout from single seller only.admin can allow the vendor on his store to manage payment methods.
CS-Cart add-on Stock Filter
Stock Filter
4.0 (1)

CS-Cart add-on Stock Filter shows or hides out-of-stock products in the CS-Cart store. 

Smart pop-up manager
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Save 20%

Allows placing any content in pop-up window and also choosing the condition of its displayingand completely managing incoming users’ requests via administration panel.

CS-Cart addon filter by categories
Filter By Categories
5.0 (2)

This module allows to add filter by product categories

UP Button
5.0 (1)

Simple solution for easy navigation on the store page. The Up button is displayed automatically when you scroll the page down.