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Phone Registration
5.0 (1)
Registration and authorization on the site using the user’s mobile phone number.
Phone Number Mask
No reviews
Ability to configure the convenient mask and apply it to system fields with the phone type.
Phone mask PRO
5.0 (4)
Most use-full phone mask addon
Phone mask (Google style) formatter and validation
5.0 (4)
  • Phone number verification.
  • Standardization of the entered phone number.
Phone Mask
No reviews
Save 16%

The CS-Cart Phone Mask Add-on enhances your e-commerce platform with a focus on country codes. By incorporating a phone mask alongside a country code, it becomes a powerful indicator of a phone number's origin, relying on a unique set of numbers. The country code plays a crucial role in identifying the country associated with the phone number, pinpointing its registration location. For instance, +1 signifies the United States. Placed at the start of a phone number, the country code is indispensable for determining the affiliated country, providing valuable insights into your customer base.

Phone Authorization
5.0 (1)
Allows to authorize by phone with SMS code or password
Personal coupon codes add-on for CS-Cart
No reviews
  • Automatic and manual coupon generation.
  • Coupon as a promotion bonus.
  • Setting the duration of each coupon.
Personal account for the vendor (constructor for the marketplace)
No reviews
Save 30%

 The marketplace can work for different types of sellers and flexibly request documents from them. In the event of a change in work policy of the marketplace administrator can flexibly adding the necessary information from the vendor or to remove it. 

Permissions by order status (Multivendor)
No reviews
  • What order statuses can vendors change?
  • What orders can they edit?
Performance Optimizer
5.0 (5)

A full-featured performance optimization toolset for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor with automated performance checks