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WhatsApp Icon Button
5.0 (2)

WhatsApp Icon Button in your website

Improve User Engagement With Whatsapp - Contact  Us

Make it easy for your site visitors to contact you through their mobile phones with click-to-call, Whatsapp Message,  from anywhere on your website.

Whatsapp  which allows you to communicate with your customers easily. It is designed specifically for the CS Cart community.

Use our communication features and allow your users to contact you easily by Whatsapp, Phone and more.
Responsive for PC

WhatsApp Chat Support
No reviews

This splendid add-on provides the facility to the customers to chat with the support agents of your website through WhatsApp.

WebPay payment gateway (Belarus) - add-on for CS-Cart
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Save 8%

Webpay payment gateway ( add-on for CS-Cart

WebP optimized Images
5.0 (9)
This addon allows you to reduce the size of images by converting them to next-generation image.
WebP Images
4.8 (6)
Improvement of your online store performance by converting its images to the modern WebP format without quality loss.
WebP images
No reviews

Convert images to a new WebP format, makes pages more speedy

Web To Print
No reviews

This allows the customer to design their products with ease and gives them the freedom to put up any design of their liking. 

Web Push Notifications - Browser Push Notification : NotifyVisitors
No reviews

Enable Chrome Push Notification, Mozilla Push Notification or Safari Push Notification With Powerful Analytics, Multiple Targeting Rules, Unlimited Notifications.

Web Push Notification
5.0 (1)
Save 20%

This impressive add-on allows admin to send push notification directly to browser. Subscribed user gets pop-up message on device even when he is not active on the site.

Warehouse Management System
No reviews

This allows an admin and vendor to add & manage as many warehouse locations as desired. The nearby warehouse will be assigned automatically to the orders getting received at the stores as per the add-on settings provided at admin end.

Wallet System for CS-Cart
5.0 (6)
Save 31%