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Snap Finance
Snap is a lease-to-own financing provider that empowers credit-challenged shoppers with the buying power to get what they need now, and then allows them to ...
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The composition of the goods for the online store on CS-Cart
The module allows you to form groups of related products, completing the order and supplementing it with a list of additional options. When picking, the cha...
Geniki Courier for CS-Cart
Connect CS-Cart with Geniki Courier to create and print any Voucher
This plug-in will install all the Sisow payment methods to your CS-cart installation. For more information about the payment methods visit our website  http...
Age Verification Popup
Age Verification Popup before browsing the website
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Additional product icon for Multi-Vendor
The module adds icons and stickers to the product profile, as well as to the catalog page.
Google Tag Manager Conversion Tracking
The Google Tag Manager Conversion Tracking  add-on integrates Google Tag Manager into your website.  After you have created a  Google Tag Manager accou...
Fonts preload
The module allows you to quickly get a few extra points by preloading fonts.
Безопастный прием платежей QIWI через RosKassa
Платежи QIWI через RosKassa для CS-Cart -  улучшает качество обслуживания клиентов, когда дело доходит до платежных систем с широко надежным платежным шлюз...
Greeklish in URL
An improvement in the Code of Cs-Cart (all versions), where it is now possible to create greeklish in the url from the title of this product! No more S...
Фиксация и выгрузка clientID яндекса
ee_get_clientID - Модуль записывает  clientID  яндекса из  COOKIES  в доп. поле  ee_clientID  таблицы  USERS , показывает в карточке заказа админ панели us...
Расширение модуля прайсов
ee_ext_price  - модуль расширяет функционал выгрузки прайсов. Добавляя возможность сортировки прайса по названию товара, выгрузки всех картинок товара и пе...