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Since 2014 we professionally work in e-Commerce and help business of all levels expand capabilities online. During this period we finished about 500 projects created mostly on CS-Cart. We also developed more than 100 add-ons and themes and ready to integrate them to any platform our clients have. We aim to make online stores functionality all over the world more convenient and easier.


Cart-Power Services
Cart-Power Services


We can handle any difficulties, therefore, we take not only the development of modules and themes, but also create highly loaded online stores from scratch. Make sure!

Cart-Power Best Cases

Cart-Power Best Cases

Cart-Power Best Cases



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Отличные ребята, делают качественно, за разумные в отличие от некоторых других сервисов по cs-cart. Рекомендую!
В 2019г. обратились в компанию Cart-Power с вопросом по разработке модуля. Ранее имели опыт работы с другими компаниями по разработке модулей для CS-Cart. Были приятно удивлены профессиональному
Сотрудничаем с Cart-power с первого дня открытия нашего проекта. Быстрая и качественная поддержка модуля, клиентоориентированность и принятие задач любой сложности, адекватный ценник.

Пользуемся около десятка модулей данной компании
Приятные скидки на модули в дни распродаж, рекомендуем!
Cart-Power is a good company with the proper experience to do correct work for my company. Hope we will have a long and profitable business relation together.

Cart Power is a Professional team. with helpful excellent addons.
with good support.
we recommend Cart-Power
Достаточно давно работаю с Cart Power. Ребята - профессионалы своего дела. Важной особенностью является активное поддержание модулей в актуальном состоянии. При возникновении каких-либо проблем - все оперативно решают и помогают. Спасибо!
The Cart Power team is great. Customer service is excellent. I would recommend the Cart Power to any live cart.
Cart-Power has been our go to for Cs Cart for years for addons and customization work.
I have some Cart-Power add-ons. They are all doing the job and even more ! And congratulations to the Cart-Power team as they always answer and help quickly, listening to your need.

Quality add-ons, great customer service. You can go with them !
Their add-ons of Power Blog and Reviews are good for my business and their support is aprecitated. Their faster compatibility with CS cart upgration will be perfect. Highly recommended.

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