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Cross- & up-sell add-ons package for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor projects

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Cross- & up-sell add-ons package for CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor projects

Selection of the most necessary add-ons that add features and functionality, which is designed to increase the average check through cross-selling and motivate the user to buy more expensive analogs that are more suitable for him

All package add-ons are compatible with CS-Cart (for stores) and Multi-Vendor (for marketplaces) platforms

Your benefits from using Cross- & up-sell addons package:

  • all add-ons are developed by one team - this is a guarantee that they are all integrated with each other as much as possible and do not conflict, as in the case if the add-ons are maintained by different development teams;
  • cross- & up-sell addons package is a product of several years' development by a team of highly qualified developers with 10+ years of experience in CS-Cart (independent implementation of such a pool of integrations will require tens of thousands of dollars from you);
  • you will receive updates and new add-ons as part of the package absolutely free of charge as part of your update subscription

Composition of the Cross- & up-sell addons package:

  1. Intellectual selection of products in block (analogues, accessories) by features - add-on allows on the product page to configure the intelligent selection of accessories or similar products in a block based on the compliance of technical characteristics
  2. Product sets (Up-Sell) - add-on is designed to increase receipts by placing a selection of products in close proximity to the Buy button and a convenient interface for adding products to an order
  3. Extended "Buy together" - add-on expands the functionality of Buy together by adding a generator of typical combinations and a page for managing such combinations, saves a lot of time for the store administrator
  4. Extended comparison and wishlist - add-on expands the standard functionality of product comparison, making it more user-friendly

All add-ons have no analogues, as they provide the most complete integration and functionality

What you get as a result? Complete set of tools to increase sales that none of your competitors has 100%. Correct use of the package add-ons can significantly increase store sales (without the cost of additional traffic and all other things being equal). We know about the pains that users of other platforms have, where there is no single package from one developer: any update breaks something, integration of add-ons by a programmer is always required, support. Everything works here after installation and without any problems!

No add-ons conflicts, everything works together, updates without problems at the click of a button!

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