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CS-Cart “Blog” add-on allow admin to share news, offers, business advice etc, in the form of Blog. Dividing posts into categories

Dosages Add-on
Extends the functionality of product itself. Now you can sell products offering a wide choice of dosages with the price per unit (a pill for example). P...

CS-Cart "Glossary Filter" add-on allows administrators to Glossaries in the site. The whole process allows the user to view the list of often difficul...

Order Referrer
Show order domain referrer + URL on order details and also full reports and conversion rate using referrer domain and URL to better understand your ...

Share Your Wish List
Allow your customers to share their Wish List to friends via Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Модуль Лукбук - плагин, который позволяет вам создавать наборы продуктов. Например, вы покупаете одежду. Клиент сможет увидеть различные варианты изобра...

Настойчивое всплывающее уведомление
Модуль "Настойчивое всплывающее уведомление" больше не распространяется и не поддерживается. Если вам нужен функционал всплывающих уведомлений, можете...

Testimonial Slider
Highly customizable add-on that will help you adding a slider of different testimonials received from customers, readers and valuable users.

Интеграция Campaign Monitor
Campaign Monitor - is the system of newsletters management. Campaign Monitor makes it easy for you to create, send, and optimize your email marketing cam...