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Testimonial Slider
Highly customizable add-on that will help you adding a slider of different testimonials received from customers, readers and valuable users.

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Tilda создание лендингов
Модуль Тильда служит для быстрого создания лендингов на CS-CartTilda module is used to quickly create landing pages on CS-Cart

Triggmine - Ai-powered email marketing for online retailers who want to grow their business faster.


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Twilio SMS Notification
It Allows you to set up administrator SMS order notifications and Customer SMS notification for shipping status, Registration on store, order info and Produ...


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Twitter Conversion Tracking
The Twitter Conversion Tracking add-on allows you to know whether tweet-based referral to a website converted into a sale.

Twitter fetcher cscart addon
Display your tweets on your cscart store


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Up-sells И Cross-sells
Модуль показывает сопутствующие товары в уведомлении о добавлении товара в корзину, на странице корзины и на странице после завершения оформления заказа

Update exchange rates
This is an extension module promotion, the possibility of discounting the cheapest product in your shopping cart.

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Vendor Page Pro
Show products on vendor page and more

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Vendor Social Media Profiles
Lets make the vendor page more fancy by displaying your vendor social media profiles.

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Vendor Store Banner
Vendor Store Banner addon enables you to add the store banner image for your vendor's home page.