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Cart Share
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Allows your customers to share the contents of their cart with anyone else in a few clicks. It increases conversion, generates traffic and solves the problem of abandoned carts when the buyer switches devices.

Clone products between vendors
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Addon to Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor PLUS, Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows cloning products between vendors through CRON or through browser action.

Make purchases for 200$ from our entire offer and get 20% discount

Association banners with the seller
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This addon allow to specify banners to vendor. Banners will be shown only at the vendor pages.

Commercial offer from seller and marketplace administrator
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Save 50%

The module simplifies the creation of a commercial proposal by generating it on the basis of a product or a comparison list.

Zoho Inventory Connector
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Save 50%

Zoho Inventory Connector module allows you to sync your data from CS-Cart to Zoho Inventory. The module provides the syncing of customers, products and orders. The customers, products and orders can be synced from CS-Cart to Zoho Inventory. Admin may also delete these records from Zoho Inventory. Admin may also import customers and products from Zoho Inventory to CS-Cart.

Popular categories for CS-Cart
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Save 50%

The module calculates the popularity of categories based on the popularity of products and displays it in a block on the product page or any other

Price History
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Special block where your customers can see the price change history and subscribe to get email notification if the price decreases.

Product quality
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Save 18%
Increases customer confidence by showing the number of sales and the percentage of returns (defective) in the product card.
List of products in a block or footer for Multi-Vendor
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Save 50%

The module displays a list of products in a block on the site pages or a list in footer (basement).