Information Security Audit

Check the CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor project for vulnerabilities and penetration risks before you face real securirty problems.

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Check the CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor project for vulnerabilities and penetration risks before you face real securirty problems.

Information Security Audit

When you run an offline store you take for granted that it must be equipped with security cameras, alarms, anti-theft devices, and security guards. But when we speak about online stores and hypermarkets, only few entrepreneurs consider investments into eCommerce site security from the very beginning of their business.

At the same time we all know that customers are expected to give you a significant amount of their data to make purchases from your store - names, addresses, credit card numbers. Don't wait till hackers attack your website. Check the project for vulnerabilities and penetration risks before you face real problems.

Am I at risk?

Some business owners and unfortunately even webmasters believe that hackers are only interested in highly visited and popular Internet projects. We hasten to disappoint you. In practice we see that unsecured web projects, even with low traffic can be attractive to hackers. So if you neglect security measures, your online store or marketplace is under the threat of hacking and infection no matter the size.

What is included in Security Audit

  • Penetration testing: black-box and gray-box methods
  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) to check code for known vulnerabilities
  • Manual checks for each trigger or suspicious place in the project
  • Preparation of Proof of Concept (POC) and identification by OWASP framework, STRIDE for classification, and DREAD to determine risk and system impacts with CVSS v3.1 scoring

What do you get as a result

  • Detailed report on security status of your project
  • List of identified vulnerabilities and possible attacks
  • Recommendations for their elimination and prevention.

Cases and Audits

Not all mobile applications are as good as they might seem

SQL injection on default VIVAshop add-on with CVSS Score 9.7/10

Important security updates on CS-Commerce "Live search and Search history" 

When it comes to eCommerce site security, you've got a lot to think about. Unless you're a huge business with a dedicated team to keep a watchful eye. We in ASAP Lab will take care of your website to mitigate security risks. Start with a Security Audit to check the current status of your security.

Mark L.
I was impressed with the level of expertise that ASAP Lab brought to the table when it came to security auditing. They were able to quickly identify some areas of concern and provided us with actionable recommendations for improving our website's security.
John M.
As a software developer, I thought I had a pretty good handle on web security. But after working with ASAP Lab on an audit of my latest project, I realized that there were some things I hadn't considered.
Sarah K.
I run a medium-sized ecommerce site and was concerned about the security of my customers' data. The team were able to identify some weak spots in our site's security and provided us with a clear roadmap for fixing them. Their team was professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. I would definitely use their services again.
Tom S.
The report they provided was easy to understand and their recommendations were actionable. I highly recommend their services.
Jane D.
I was really impressed with the thoroughness of the security audit that ASAP Lab provided for my website. They identified vulnerabilities that I had no idea existed and gave me concrete steps to take to fix them. I feel much more confident now that my customers' data is secure. Special thanks to Roman!
Who are we  Hi! We are a a full-stack team of certified SysOps Administrators, SRE and DevOps

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Who are we 

Hi! We are a a full-stack team of certified SysOps Administrators, SRE and DevOps engineers providing business solutions for your eCommerce websites. Since 2016, we have been part of the Simtech group and a provider of managed services for CS-Cart, Simtech Development and 1000+ clients from 170 countries. Our experience helps us ensure the stable operation of IT systems and solve problems of any complexity - from auditing and monitoring performance to improving fault tolerance and

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