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PDF Invoice to Order - Attach to Email
4.0 (2)

The PDF Invoice to Order module allows you to send a PDF invoice with all order information to the customer's email

Power Statistics
3.0 (4)

This add-on allows you to collect and display extended statistics related to viewing and purchasing products. The marketing report (of all store products or a single product) will display data on the sales funnel, and detailed information about customer behavior in each order will help you to adjust the promotion strategy.

User Activation By Mail
3.0 (4)

CS-Cart User Activation By Mail: This magnificent extension has been provided the feature of activation of user account via mail.

LiveChat - live chat for CS-Cart
3.5 (2)

LiveChat allows for instant communication with website visitors and customers and enables prompt resolution to their questions or concerns.

Admin Control Bar
4.0 (1)

Edit product, categories and pages from customer area easily.

Order Payout
4.0 (1)
Save 20%

Integrate "order payout" feature in your store. Many time admin want to save transaction date , transaction id , transaction amount of order which paid by any offline payment method but they can't save it. so our team making it for our Cs-cart store admin so that they can save offline payment transaction id & date in order details page . Cs-cart/ Multivendor Order Payout is a featured addon.

Unit Price
4.0 (1)

Displays the price of specific unit amount or product value. The ability to set unit amount and value to product's options for easy switching in store.

Hide Products Without Images
4.0 (1)

All products without images will not appear in search results and the categories they belong to.

CS Cart Mobile App Builder
3.0 (2)

Сreate an elegant mobile application for their existing store using CS-Cart Mobikul. This benefits to have a native app for mobile devices well integrated with store, allowing customers to have access to real-time store any moment no matter when at ones convenience.

CS-Cart addon grid view
Configurable Grid View
3.0 (2)

This module allows to configure look and feel of the grid with products

CS-Cart addon multiple robots
Multiple robots.txt
3.0 (2)

This module allows to use and edit different robots.txt file for each store-front

CS-Cart add-on order prepayment
Order Prepayment
3.0 (2)

This module allows to receive prepayment for orders

Booking Reservation System
2.3 (4)

This magnificent add-on helps user to create and manage appointments/reservations online. The main motive for developing such extension is to organize the reservation systems at CS-Cart end. It is flexible and intuitive to use for various types of online booking services.

HTTPS Switcher
3.0 (1)

Set secure connection for all the pages of your store.

Vendor Business Hours
2.0 (1)

Allow your vendors to set up their working days

CS-Cart addon administrative toolbar
Administration Toolbar
1.0 (1)

This module creates easily customizable toolbar for the administrator panel

chatra logo
Chatra Live Chat and Cart Saver
1.0 (1)

Modern Live Chat Software. Boost conversions, solve issues,in real time.

Live chat allows you to answer questions and alleviate concerns, unstucking visitors and helping them place an order. Use it to collect actionable feedback to improve your service: identify problems, capture leads and know your customers. It’s really easy with Chatra.
Seller Plan Contract
1.0 (2)

This addon allows an admin to create a contract for each seller plan that includes the details of the seller company and various terms and conditions that an admin want to add to his contract.

Change icon of your cart with nice effects with number of products in cart
Awesome Cart Icon Effect
1.0 (1)
Save 80%

This addon will change your cart icon and its appearance to modern style which is best for latest stores.

The old style of cart is improved by newest style and it looks really awesome to users and they have clear visibility to your store cart icon.

Request for quotation - RFQ
1.0 (1)
Save 67%

This addon is developed to help buyers to get quote from all vendors for any specific requirement, and vendors will be able to quote as per requirement of customer, they can quote according to RFQ and customer will have more flexibility to find products on your store.

it will also keep customers and vendors active on a running store.

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REdirect to Sitemap CS-Cart add-on
Redirect to Sitemap
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Add-on opens Sitemap instead of 404 pages easily!