Support for CS-Cart Projects

Support for CS-Cart Projects

Whether your website needs emergency intervention, regular maintenance, or strategic improvements, our "Hourly Maintenance" packages provide efficient and timely support. Choose the suitable package and let your CS-Cart project grow and thrive with our professional support!

Basic Packages:

  • 10 Hours Maintenance

This rate is perfect for small site jobs or emergency fixes. It provides enough time to solve major issues or make minor changes to the site.

  • 25 Hours Maintenance

The most cost-effective hourly rate. Suitable for systematic work on the store over 1-2 months. An excellent choice for comprehensive service and site improvement. Allows for deeper optimization and functionality updates.

  • 40 Hours Maintenance

The tariff with the most advantageous cost per hour. The best option for large-scale projects and regular comprehensive technical maintenance. Provides comprehensive support, including the development of new features, performance improvement, and security enhancement.

What You Get

- Flexibility: Use the maintenance hours as needed over a specified period.
- Professionalism: Our specialists have deep knowledge of the CS-Cart platform and experience with various projects.
- Response Speed: We guarantee a quick response to your requests and effective problem resolution.
- Transparency: Full reporting on the work done and hours used.
- Personalized Approach: We pay attention to each client, tailoring our services to the specific needs of your project.


How can I track how much time has been spent on a task and on the project as a whole? 

You will be given access to our project management system Aspro.Cloud. Each specialist starts a timer at the beginning of a task and stops it upon completion. In the system, you will see the hours spent on each task and on the project. Additionally, you can request a task report from your manager. 

How are tasks estimated in hours? What if the paid hours are not enough?

You can choose a tariff with a small number of hours, and we will perform tasks from your list, freezing the remaining time. The fact is that there are very small tasks that take more time to estimate than to execute. Besides, we spend time on negotiations, project and task documentation in the system, and discussing tasks with specialists. Thus, it is optimal to work with such tasks only in the maintenance format. 

What kind of work can you do? 

We can perform almost any request for an online store or marketplace. Mainly we do layout, setup, module development, design refinement, copywriting, translation automation, SEO, and advertising within the framework of maintenance services.

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With make shop , your online presence is not just a website, it's a comprehensive, scalable

Contact information

Phone 8 800 200-97-75

With make shop, your online presence is not just a website, it's a comprehensive, scalable platform that helps your business thrive in the digital era. We are not just developers. We are your e-commerce partners, turning your visions into reality.

Today, make shop is a dynamic company specialising in advanced e-commerce solutions. We do not limit ourselves to creating online stores alone. We believe in expanding possibilities. 

The make shop team also designs custom add-ons, expanding website functionality to meet our clients' specific needs. Our commitment to innovation drives us to continually enhance and optimise the digital world of online shopping.

Our primary services include:

  • Development of online stores and marketplaces
  • Template and theme implementation
  • Custom design development
  • Custom solutions of any complexity
  • SEO optimisation
  • SEO maintenance
  • Advertising setup
  • Integration with third-party services
  • Website maintenance and support
  • Mobile app development

And much more, just email us at [email protected].

Check out our portfolio

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