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Модуль retailCRM добавляет двухстороннюю интеграцию CS-Cart и retailCRM для обмена информацией о заказах, товарах и пользователях.


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Taki FAQs
Allows make FAQs easy, convenient


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Yotpo Reviews
Generate tons of product reviews to increase conversion rate, establish trust, drive qualified traffic and increase sales for your store.

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Google Structured Data
This add-on helps to attract new buyers to your shop while they are searching smth on the Internet with the help of Google Rich Snippets markup.


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Magic Zoom Plus
Lets you zoom into your product images on mouseover and enlarge your images into the entire screen on click.


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Beanstream Payment Gateway
Beanstream is a Canada-based payment processor that allows you to accept credit card payments in your online store.

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Import your products from XML-file (yandex...
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Beanstream CC and INTERAC Online
Connect your store with Beanstream payment system


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Stripe Payment Gateway
Stripe Payment Gateway for CS-Cart gives the ability to accept payments by credit cards, Bitcoin and Alipay

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Connect your store with BitPay payment system


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Currency rates synchronization
Add-on adds automatic update rates


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