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Taki Scroll Pro
This add-on allows you see cart,feedback quick, scroll to top, button call.


1 review
Layouts for Devices
It is a super useful extension that allows you to show different layouts on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

1 review
Paypal Adaptive Payment
CS-Cart Paypal Adaptive Payment splits the payment from the customers between the seller (secondary receivers) and the admin (primary receiver).


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1 review
Two Factor Authentication by Google
Protect your store from unauthorized access to the admin panel.


1 review
MailChimp Advanced
Let customers join your e-mail list via MailChimp signup forms.


1 review
JNE Shipping Method
CS-Cart JNE Shipping Method : Now Integrate JNE shipping with CS-Cart and calculate shipping rates in real time for various shipping services.

1 review
Pay with Amazon
Simplify the payment process with fast and easy Amazon Pay option


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Products views sales
Display total views, total orders by product