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Site Management

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Push Notifications
Alert administrators about new orders and reviews in real time.


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Extra order id
Sometimes you may need extra order id. And adding it to profile fields or administrator notes isn't good idea.


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1 review
EZ Email Logging
Log To, From and Subject of all emails sent from your site..


1 review
Category share
Allows to share categories with all their products between any of your online stores within one Ultimate system.


1 review
Available Product Options in Boxes
This is an ideal Addon for stores with clothes and shoes that have products with many options like size and color.


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1 review
Live Exchange Rates
This module allows the store administrators to receive live currency rates from different data providers .


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1 review
Beanstream Payment Gateway
Beanstream is a Canada-based payment processor that allows you to accept credit card payments in your online store.

1 review
Import your products from XML-file (yandex...
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1 review
Mass Order Status Update
The Mass Order Status Update add-on allows you to change the status of several selected orders in one click in the Administration panel.


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CS-Cart "Auction" add-on allows you to run auctions in your store. The auction details are displayed on the product page. Customers can see Auction prod...