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Shipment Export and Import
Export order shipment details to a CSV file and print it out. It is much easier to check them that way.


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Two Factor Authentication by Google
Protect your store from unauthorized access to the admin panel.


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Product Likes
Do you know which of your products customers like the most? Let them show it! The add-on automatically counts the number of product likes and shows under th...

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Уведомления в Telegram
Позволяет получать бесплатно уведомления о новых заказах в чат Telegram.


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Cloud Translation by Google
Use dynamic Google Cloud Translation services.


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Vendor Ratings
Let customers rate their favourite vendors.

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Order and User Tags
Improve the store management with order and customer tags.


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Скрыть Отсутствующие Варианты
Модуль позволяет показывать только те опции товара, которые есть в наличии


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Push Notifications
Alert administrators about new orders and reviews in real time.


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Provide your customers and vendors with internal messaging system.


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Hamburger Menu
Simplify navigation with a hamburger menu icon