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On sale
Advanced menu functionality
4.9 (13)

Add  dropdown and horizontal menus and customize it with labels, icons and additional context

Show more products with one click
4.5 (13)

Offer your customers an efficient way to browse massive amounts of items without preloading

product sticker image
Product stickers (new version)
4.6 (11)

Helps to attract the existing and new visitors to necessary products and even categories by adding labels with call-to-action text. In addition to this functionality an admin can set auto stickers On sale, New arrivals, Coming soon, etc. and even set an expiration date for each sticker. The add-on is easy to use, just upload your images, choose the label's position and wait for the result. Moreover, not only one but several labels can be attached to any product.

SMS services
No reviews

This module is an extension for interacting with SMS services via API. It works in conjunction with our other SMS modules.

Prices better than your competitor's
4.7 (14)

Get more information about your competitors

Share products in social networks
4.8 (9)
Free plan available

Let your customers share products & pages with their friends on 20 popular social networks

Modern dynamic preview for your products
5.0 (2)

The Eagle Owl add-on is a modern, easy to use viewer that allows you to see not only the main image but also the icons of the following images on the product details page. The icons could be clicked to switch the main image via the mouse and also via the keyboard that increases the UX of your site. The image counter shows the number of the current image as well as the total images number of the product.

Mark your liked products
4.8 (4)

Show the most popular products!

Systemize your menu categories
4.3 (8)
Free plan available

A great solution to handle navigation on smaller screens. Keep the design clean and functional

SMS Notifications PRO
5.0 (13)

This addon helps to create rich SMS notifications in your store. Payment links, tracking numbers and reward points.

Wherefrom client + marketing report
5.0 (18)

This module can tell you order channel - paid channel, referall, search engine, social networks.

Quick Authentication via Social Networks
4.6 (9)

Allow customers to log in using their Facebook, Google, Yahoo or Twitter accounts.