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Fixed tax per item for one category of products
Apply an amount of USD tax per item and not a percent (%) for example tires recycling eco tax.   So  when 8 tires are sold there will be 8x3$ tax = 24$ e...
Linkwise Addon (Affiliate Marketing)
Connects you with Linkwise in order to keep track of the Networks sales
Banner Extended with Gallery
CS-Cart an intergrated banner Carousel but thats all. We decided to take it a little further and add the Hot Deals Functionality to it and a zoom effec...
Featured Products
We have brought a fairly simple but highly demanded Addon, the Featured Products. It is taken from the Joomla VM world, where you can mark each product as ...
Facebook and Google Feed Add-on για CS-Cart
customizable XML ideal for dynamic Facebook Adds and Google Merchant
Экспорт Отчетов О Продажах
Модуль позволяет экспортировать отчеты о продажах в CSV формате
Option Filters for v4.x
For Options & for Option Combinations
Оповещения о промо-акциях для CS-Cart
Модуль является дополнением к базовому «Промо-акции и скидки» в стандартной поставке для платформы CS-Cart.
Select & Export Products by Date
From now on,you can select and export products by date
Smartarget Message Bar
Показ на сайте сообщений, предложение скидок, баннер cookie.
  • Скидка 20%
Cs-Cart Vendor Application
Ecarter Vendor App provides facility to access your Cs-Cart vendor panel using mobile, to access your vendor panel  simply you just need to  install Ecar...
CS-Cart Filter Counter
See the number of Products that each filter will bring
Shipping method per product or call for shipping cost
Enhance your client with the ability to set shipping method per product
decimal precision
Solve the problem with decimals at VAT prices
Payment - Shipping Options Combinations
How many times have you wanted to have a way of payment linked to a particular way of shipping method? The simplest example: When a customer,chooses ...
Smartarget Popup
Увеличивает конверсию сайта с помощью показа окна с уникальным предложением или скидкой.
Custom Order Print
Replace the default Order Printing with a more beautiful and functional Form. We changed the fonts, eliminated the highlighted capitals, placed the cor...
Quick Order Form - Easy Buy in one click
Модуль Quick Order Form специально создан для того, чтобы ваши покупатели могли заказывать товары быстрее и проще
Композиция из товаров для Multi-Vendor
Модуль позволяет формировать группы сопутствующих товаров, комплектуя заказ и дополняя его перечнем дополнительных опций. При комплектации учитываются харак...
Cleverpoint for CS-Cart
Clever Point is the "smart solution" for your daily life as it offers flexibility through its innovative network of stores and ease in receiving and retu...