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Offer your customers pre-defined product kits to increase average order value.


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Бесплатный Живой Поиск
Модуль позволяет увидеть результаты поиска в выпадающем списке сразу после заполнения строки поиска


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Help Desk Система Поддержки Клиентов и Учета Заявок Для Интернет Магазина
Help Desk Система поддержки клиентов и учета заявок для интернет магазина, онлайн система для клиентской поддержки для CS-Cart магазина и веб сайта. Лучшая ...


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CS-Cart Deal of the day
This cs-cart addon allows you to publish daily deals in your shop. It is the unique opportunity to increase your selling by the effective promotion of c...

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Pre Order
Pre Order:- Cs cart Pre Order is the useful for order the out of stock product considered as preorder.It will work when the product is out of stock.


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Apple and Google Pay
The Braintree Payment add-on allows you to accept credit card and Paypal payments using Braintree in your CS-Cart store.


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Make An Offer
This splendid add-on grant users a transparency to negotiate price of their desired product with the store admin. The extension is ideal for stores providin...


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Similar Products by Tag
Create a block with similar products and display it on the product page to increase sales.


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Google reCAPTCHA
Данный модуль заменяет стандартную капчу CS-Cart на Google reCAPTCHA