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Snapchat Pixel
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Customer refund rate and order history on the order page in the admin area
5.0 (10)

This addon adds list of last customer orders and number of orders on the order details page.

Products cost and order profit
5.0 (5)

Addon allows you to add cost price to your CS-cart store. You can check profit for all orders.

Google Enhanced Ecommerce (GA4)
5.0 (1)

Additional options to configure analytics. Tracking user actions in an online store with the ability to create your own custom events.

Forms Manager Logger
No reviews

Logs all data of the submitted forms on a separate page in the admin panel and in the user’s personal account.

Google Tag Manager (GTM)
5.0 (1)

Integration of the Google Tag Manager service and ability to add tags on your own to track the site statistics with no help from programmers.

Extended Order Logger
No reviews

Detailed history of the order changes on the order details page in the admin panel including  information about added / removed positions, order status change, total order amount, etc.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
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Save 38%

In this addon admin can receive RMA from customers via email.

admin can set his email for example [email protected] and he can put any email based on their choice.

customer can send RMA from front end of website and an email will be sent to both customer and admin also.

while it will be very easy and perfect technique for RMA.

you can add RMA on your website anywhere as a block.

Enhanced eCommerce for Google Analytics (GA4)
No reviews

Get a detailed report in real-time or for a selected period and analyze your customers' action

Live Search
4.9 (45)
Save 50%

The fastest and the most feature-rich search a free-of-a-monthly-fee alternative to cloud search services.

Helpful Page
No reviews

Allows administrator of a store to gather feedback on product's page informativity.

Matomo analytics integration for CS-Cart
No reviews

Integrate Matomo analytics add-on into your Cs-cart for comprehensive and enhanced data insights about visitors of CS-Cart site.

cs-cart addons additional order statuses
Additional Order Statuses
No reviews

This module adds new field with additional statuses for orders

Customer Search history - Admin Tools
5.0 (1)
Save 94%

Users search history:

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BestPrice 360
No reviews

BestPrice 360 is an Integration for CS-Cart that records the clicks and sales made by guests in your store, informing you about the conversion rate.