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Additional Services
Additional service at the checkout


Points and Cash
Set the rules of your points-based loyalty program.


Delivery date + time
One of the most essential features for online shop with own delivery service or couriers. Even if you integrated third-party shipper - it's good to have all...

Enable PostNL shipping method in your store.


Hide Payment And Shipping Methods
Hide payment and shipping methods from specific user groups and administrators. Make payment methods unavailable for vendors.Hide payment and shipping metho...


JNE Shipping Method
CS-Cart JNE Shipping Method : Now Integrate JNE shipping with CS-Cart and calculate shipping rates in real time for various shipping services.

Super Checkout
To make comfortable one step checkout


Customer Account Merge
Merge two or more customer accounts into one to avoid duplicate records.


Extra Services
This module allows you to create list of additional services (rush delivery, shipping insurance etc.)

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions add-on allows showing terms of using a store, which user has to accept on specifying personal info (e-mail, phone number, etc.).


Natural and Legal Entities
Natural and Legal Entities add-on allows to create new groups for users, which will need to enter different data, depending on their group, while register...


Product Shipping Cost
This module allows to easily calculate shipping costs of the item right on the product details page