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Wishlist Pro
Email wishlist and show wishlist products block


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Wishlist Pop-up
Make it easier for your customers to store their favourite products and cart contents in one place.


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Whatsapp Share Addon
Webesol's Whatsapp share addon hepls the user to share the store products on whatsapp.

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Web To Print
This add-on is used to create a customized product from admin panel. It provides a unique feature to your CS-Cart store by which a customer can customize ...

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Web Push Notification
This impressive add-on allows admin to send push notification directly to browser. Subscribed user gets pop-up message on device even when he is not active o...

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VK Market
VK Market add-on allows you to create and sell products in the largest Russian social media. It exports chosen products from your inventory to VKontakte in ...

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Vendor Store Banner
Vendor Store Banner addon enables you to add the store banner image for your vendor's home page.

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Vendor Social Media Profiles
Lets make the vendor page more fancy by displaying your vendor social media profiles.


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Vendor Page Pro
Show products on vendor page and more