Initial webserver configuration

Webserver configuration by CS-Cart Customer Care team
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Initial webserver configuration

Customer Care technician will configure your webserver environment from scratch to ensure the best possible performance of CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor on your server.

Once the server configuration has been completed, we will be happy to offer you assistance in re-configuring the web server (or modifying DNS record) within three months starting from the date the server was configured. In case the problem occurs after the specified period, you will need to purchase the server configuration service once again.

This service does not apply to the configuration of already running servers. If the configuration of the server configured by us would be modified by third party engineer, we will not be able to assist in its further configuration and support.

Server type

Please specify your server type:

VPS is a virtual private server that provides full access to the OS.

Shared is a type of hosting where multiple websites are hosted on the same web server.

NOTE: If you are not sure about your server type - please contact us via Helpdesk.

Webmail configuration

Our specialist will configure Dovecot, Postfix and Roundcube applications on your server and apply required changes to DNS records to make sure that your server will be capable to send emails and they will not fall into Spam folder in receipent inbox.

Certbot installation

Certbot is an easy-to-use client that fetches a certificate from Let’s Encrypt— an open certificate authority launched by the EFF, Mozilla, and others — and deploys it to a web server. Configuring Certbot allows you to automate the tasks of obtaining SSL certificates and configuring webservers to use them. By enabling this option our specialists will install Certbot to your web server and configure it according to the current server environment.

Redis environment

Redis is a fast in-memory database and cache optimized for speed. Compared to standard CS-Cart filesystem cache storage, Redis offers better performance. By enabling this option our specialists will install the Redis server and corresponding PHP extension as well as configure CS-Cart to use Redis cache.

Varnish configuration

Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. It is used by Marketplace Performance Booster addon and offers big improvements for high-load projects. By enabling this option our specialists will install Varnish caching server and configure your webserver environment to utilize it.

NOTE: Varnish Cache server cannot be used without Marketplace Performance Booster addon! Please make sure that you have purchased this addon!

phpMyAdmin configuration

phpMyAdmin is a software tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web. By enabling this option our specialist will perform phpMyAdmin installation and configure your webserver for it's correct operation.

Migrating from other servers + fine-tuning

By enabling this option our specialist will help you with the migration process and (or) fine tune your PHP and MySQL database to ensure best possible operation of CS-Cart for specified amount of concurrent visitors.

Payment type
One-time payment
  • Store Builder
  • Store Builder Ultimate
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Multi-Vendor Plus
  • Multi-Vendor Ultimate
Илья Алексеев
Verified purchase
Все настроили как я хотел, быстро, качественно, специалист все время на связи, очень доброжелательный. Респект!
Настройка сделана под ключ от и до, ничего доделывать / переделывать не нужно.
Время ответа сервера существенно уменьшилось, все теперь работает как часы :)
Мне кажется это самый правильный вариант, когда VPS настраивает специалист из команды cs-cart. Кто как не разработчик знает все нюансы настройки окружения под свой движок.
This is really convenient and a must have if you aren't good at configuring servers. They get everything optimized and ready to go. It's pretty affordable also.
It costs a little bit of money, but I think it's small compared to the software investment. It just makes sense to have it set up properly if you don't know how to do it yourself.
I purchased this package because I'm coming from Wordpress, where webserver configuration is usually just a button click and I'm really glad I purchased this. I worked with Vitaliy who was extremely professional and even corresponded with me while he was out of the office. We had a lot of issues with my hosting company, but Vitaliy helped me get that sorted out too (the hosting company was not so helpful). I also had concerns that my server configuration may get delayed due to the current conflict where CS-Cart is located (and I would have understood), but there was never an issue and Vitaliy was much better to work with than my American server company who actually caused all of the delays. If you don't know how to configure a server, this is the way to go.
CS-Cart – the developer of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software. More than 15 years on the

Contact information

CS-Cart – the developer of CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor software. More than 15 years on the market. Besides the development of the software, we are working on long-term projects related to mobile commerce, data search technologies and cloud computing. We are interested in all the new and promising in the world of IT.

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