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Customer Profile Page
Now make the customer profile page at your store look more stunning and alluring with CS-Cart Customer Profile Page add-on. This add-on allows the store adm...

Customers without Orders
Easy remarketing and cleanup


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Cкрыть часть описания товара до определенной высоты
Модуль скроет часть подробного описания товара (если оно больше чем установленный настройками размер) и добавит ссылку "Подробнее", по клику на которую раск...

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Модуль позволяет показывать подсказки для полей профиля и автоматически определять местонахождение пользователя


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Daily Deal
Daily Deal : This splendid extension is used to fabricate a deal for products that lasts for a limited span of time.


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Default Category Sorting
Set category specific default sorting for products

Default settings of sending notifications
This is an extension module promotion, the possibility of discounting the cheapest product in your shopping cart.

$120.00 $99.00
Delhivery Shipping API Integration
Cscart delhivery integration, API integration, cscart delhivery addon

Delivery Confirmation Request
allows site owner to send delivery confirmation request to customers and keep a record of receiving of products on behalf of the order generated.


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Delivery Date
Improve customer experience by allowing them to specify preferable delivery date and time interval to receive orders .

Delivery Feedback System
Gather customer feedback in a smart way by using the add-on CS-Cart Delivery Feedback System in your eCommerce store and enhance user experience.


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Dependent payment methods
CS-Cart add-on to set payment method dependent on Countries, Shipping Methods, Locations

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Developer's Add-on for CS-Cart
Developer is a free CS-Cart add-on for developers that aims to ease the development of add-ons and themes (reinstall addons, reinstall translations, pack re...

Direcpay Payment Gateway
This magnificent add-on will help user of site to pay via Direcpay payment gateway, a leading payment gateway service in India.

Disqus Comments
This module integrates Disqus service with your store

Dosages Add-on
Extends the functionality of product itself. Now you can sell products offering a wide choice of dosages with the price per unit (a pill for example). P...