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Customer Account Merge
Merge two or more customer accounts into one to avoid duplicate records.


HTML5 Product Designer
Product designer is a tool for customizing clothes, bags, mugs, stickers, greeting cards, mouse pads and other products through the CS-Cart store.

Extra Services
This module allows you to create list of additional services (rush delivery, shipping insurance etc.)


Product Stickers
This module allows to add stickers and labels to products


Data Feeds Improvements
This module allows to export products combinations as separate items in data feeds

Button Up
A very simple module "Button Up".


$620.00 $299.00
SEO addons (all in one package, 10+ addons)
Full package of addons, needed to promote CS-Cart store in search egines - in one package with a great discount.


Yandex.Market Reviews
This module allows to get store and product reviews from Yandex.Market

Search speedup add-on for CS-Cart
This add-on is 25 times faster than the standard site search.


Aramex Shipping Method
CS-Cart Aramex Shipping Method allows store Admin/vendor to use Aramex shipment service to deliver products to customers address.


Avito - autoload: appliances
This module will allow You to automate the process of adding ads to your store on the website and flexible settings allow you to make the process a...