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Images Optimization
This module allows you to optimize images in order to increase the speed of pages loading for your website


Banner Image Maps
This module allows to add image maps with custom URLs to banners


Sticky Menu
Keep the menu always visible at the top while scrolling down the page.

TargetSMS: SMS notifications
The module " TargetSMS: SMS notifications " is intended for sending SMS text notifications to an administrator and buyers of online store.


Hamburger Menu
Simplify navigation with a hamburger menu icon


Custom H1 Tags
This module allows to add H1 tags different from names and titles for products, categories, brands, pages and blog posts

Extra order id
Sometimes you may need extra order id. And adding it to profile fields or administrator notes isn't good idea.


Super Checkout
To make comfortable one step checkout


Detailed Images Size
This module allows to resize product detailed images during image upload

Vertical Menu
Vertical Menu


Customer Account Merge
Merge two or more customer accounts into one to avoid duplicate records.


HTML5 Product Designer
Product designer is a tool for customizing clothes, bags, mugs, stickers, greeting cards, mouse pads and other products through the CS-Cart store.