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Mega SEO Package
5.0 (3)
Save 31%

Boost your search engine ranking with advanced add-ons

CS Cart add-on SEO rules
SEO Rules
5.0 (3)

This module allows to specify SEO name to any URL with extra parameters

Complete Visual Pack
5.0 (3)
Save 46%
Attract clients attention with pop-up notifications
5.0 (3)
Save 24%
Engage your customers with pop-ups anywhere you need
Similar categories
5.0 (3)

Just link similar categories to the category and products will automatically assign to the specified similar categories.

Chat with your customers in Whatsapp, Viber from order page
5.0 (3)

Chat with your customers in Whatsapp, Viber from order page

Profile Types for Users & Vendors
5.0 (3)

Ability to create several profile types for users and vendors. You can configure a set of profile fields for each profile type.

Limit Order Status Workflow
5.0 (3)
Take full control of your order statuses.
Limit the access to order statuses and create the most suitable workflow to build the most secure and effective business processes!
Instagram stories for your store
5.0 (3)

Add beautiful stories to your store!

Phone mask (Google style) formatter and validation
5.0 (3)
  • Phone number verification.
  • Standardization of the entered phone number.
TikTok pixel
5.0 (3)
User location IP-address
4.4 (5)

Improve the user experience and transform your website to suit the local customer with a professional solution IP Geolocation add-on.

CS-Cart add-on live exchange rate
Live Exchange Rates
4.5 (4)
Save 55%

This module allows the store administrators to receive live currency rates from European Central Bank, SberBank, PrivatBank, Google Finance or PayPal

Vanilla Theme
3.7 (10)

Impress your users with “fashion as art” theme

Delivery Date for your Clients
4.2 (5)
Create flexible and individual delivery options
Abandoned Cart and Wishlist Reminder
4.7 (3)

Configure reminder notifications and send them to customers that left the items in their cart or wishlist and left the store.

The last supported version is CS-Cart 4.9.1. We do not plan to update this add-on. The functionality of the Abandoned cart and Wishlist reminder was extended and moved to Extended Email Marketing add-on.

Urban Shift
4.7 (3)
Save 58%

Let your customers focus on product imagery

CS-Cart add-on  referral marketing
Referral Marketing
5.0 (2)

This module allows the store administrators to reward the referrers who invited new customers.

Mass Order Status Update
5.0 (2)

Saves the administrator time on changing the status of several selected orders in one click.

cs-cart add-on products in newsletter
Products In Newsletters
5.0 (2)

This module allows to show products in newsletters in a grid format

cs-cart add-on all reviews page
All Reviews Page
5.0 (2)

This module allows to add a special page with all reviews and a block with reviews to the block manager

Floating Menu
5.0 (2)

Fixes the position of a top panel and a main horizontal menu while scrolling the page down. It is a practical feature to optimize surfing large pages.

Product name length
5.0 (2)
  • Manage the size of product names.
  • Separate setting for product blocks.