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Live search and Search history
5.0 (86)
Save 29%
  • Fast and convenient smart search.
  • Search history.
  • Flexible search settings.
Ready-made Templates for SEO configuration
4.9 (27)
Optimize metadata for products, categories, pages, blog posts, and product images automatically
Google Analytics for your business
4.6 (41)

Track users behavior across your store & get advanced reports and analytics

Extended Affiliate Program
4.6 (22)

Create affiliate programs with other online stores and websites to grow your business

Simple import from Excel, XML, CSV files with Multivendor support
5.0 (28)
Import and update products and features. Addon can help you control stocks & prices via Excel, XML price lists.
Create unique labels for your products
4.5 (21)
Improve customers experience and increase your profit
Quick Tag Management From Google
5.0 (19)
Add new tags, edit or remove marketing and measurement tags any time within seconds
YouTube Video Gallery
4.7 (25)
Substitute product pictures with videos and attract more customers to your store
Live Search
4.9 (46)
Save 50%
The fastest and the most feature-rich search a free-of-a-monthly-fee alternative to cloud search services.
Professional Full-Width Banner
4.9 (15)

Engage your customers with full-width banners containing an advertising text and a call-to-action button

Prices better than your competitor's
4.7 (14)

Get more information about your competitors

Advanced menu functionality
4.9 (13)

Add  dropdown and horizontal menus and customize it with labels, icons and additional context

Optimize Content for Mobile Devices
4.8 (20)

Boost your SEO and get more traffic from Google on phones and tablets

Set the layout of your site for mobile devices
4.6 (14)
It is a super useful extension that allows you to show different layouts on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.
Remarketing Campaigns with Google
5.0 (17)
Launch remarketing campaigns and reach specific audiences for your CS-Cart store with ease.
Wherefrom client + marketing report
5.0 (18)
This module can tell you order channel - paid channel, referall, search engine, social networks.
Fast Scroll Back to Top of the Page
4.9 (12)

Add scrolling to top/bottom of the page in one click. Matches every design

Improve your SEO
5.0 (14)
Increase searchability of your store, products, or blog across the web
Process events and users of your store with Facebook Pixel
5.0 (31)
Track the revenue gained from Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns
Show more products with one click
4.5 (13)

Offer your customers an efficient way to browse massive amounts of items without preloading

Power Blog
4.6 (21)
Text articles, image galleries, videos, posts on places and events. Customizable design, integration with popular services.
Modern dynamic preview for your products
5.0 (2)

The Eagle Owl add-on is a modern, easy to use viewer that allows you to see not only the main image but also the icons of the following images on the product details page. The icons could be clicked to switch the main image via the mouse and also via the keyboard that increases the UX of your site. The image counter shows the number of the current image as well as the total images number of the product.

Advanced price calculation
5.0 (12)
Save 10%
  • Product price calculation based on options, features, etc.
  • The calculation can be unique for each product.