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CS-Cart Nivo Slider
CS-Cart Nivo Slider add-on is a jQuery image slider that lets you create great sliders with beautiful transition effects.
CS-Cart Order Share to Social Media Add-on
CS-Cart Order Share To Social Media Add-on, it would be our pleasure to serve you. This is an add-on helps to boost your business sales through Social Media...
CS-Cart PayGate Payment Gateway Add-on
The PayGate Payment Gateway CS-Cart Add-on allowing the customers/Buyers to make payments using either the PayGate PayWeb or PayGate PayXML merchant f...
CS-Cart PayTabs Payment Gateway
It provides checkout for payment in Cs-Cart.
  • Скидка 12%
  • Скидка 40%
CS-Cart PayUMoney Payment Gateway add-on
Payment Gateway Integration is the final step toward accepting payments online on your website. This step is crucial and could be tricky as it’s the part of...
CS-Cart Product Slider
This cs-cart addon allows you to highlight your best products or products at discount through the beautiful products slider and unique 9 themes.
CS-Cart Quick Order Form
Quick Order Form A must have CS-Cart add-on. Your customers will be able to purchase any of your products simple and fast using this quick ord...
CS-Cart Recently Sold Products Pop-Up Add-on
CS-Cart Recently Sold Products Pop-ups are one of the most effective ways of advertising your online store products to your customers and it will increa...
CS-Cart SMS Notification Add-on + SMS Balance (Indian SMS API Services).
CS-Cart Multi Vendor SMS Notification Add-on, it would be our pleasure to serve you. This is an add-on helps to keep customers up-to-date about the current ...
CS-Cart Social Messaging
With this CS-Cart Social Messaging add-on, an Admin can add a widget in his store, where customers can send messages to your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • Скидка 20%
Cs-Cart Vendor Application
Ecarter Vendor App provides facility to access your Cs-Cart vendor panel using mobile, to access your vendor panel  simply you just need to  install Ecar...
CS-Cart Video Manager
CS-Cart video manager allows you to add videos to products and as a block on any page.
CS-Cart XML for skroutz.gr and bestprice.gr
One of the quickest Addons for creating a product XML for compare sites Skroutz.gr and Bestprice.gr Many features like, availability statu...
CS-Cart модуль "Вопрос-Ответ"
CS-Cart модуль "FAQ" создает дополнительный таб на детальной странице продукта, где администратор интернет-магазина и клиенты могут общаться в режиме "вопро...
CS-Cart модуль “Калькулятор цены товара”
CS-Cart модуль "Калькулятор цены товара" - решение для товаров, которые продаются метражом или для товаров, цена которых зависит от размера. Покупатель може...
With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.
CS-Press - WordPress style blog
With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.
Culqi Payment Gateway
CS-Cart Culqi Payment Gateway add-on integrates a secure payment gateway Culqi with your CS-Cart and CS-Cart Multi-vendor store.
Custom Brand Carousel
Add as many companies as you want to appear in the Carousel brand   The default add-on from CS-Cart does not give you the option to select when all the B...
Custom Code
Add custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript to Head, Styles, Scripts and Footer.
Custom Manufacturers / Brands Carousel
Ability to create a custom product brands carousel presented in the store.
Custom Order Print
Replace the default Order Printing with a more beautiful and functional Form. We changed the fonts, eliminated the highlighted capitals, placed the cor...
  • Скидка 20%
Custom Shipment Carriers & Tracking Number Process
Out of the box, CS-Cart offers only 8 tracking methods: USPS, UPS, FedEx, Australia Post, Canada Post, DHL, SwissPost and Temando, and no possibility to ad...
Custom Shipment Carriers Tracking
This shipping carrier's tracking service makes easy for user to expedite the shipment tracking flow and delight the customers
Custom Stock Status
CS-Cart Custom Stock Status adds a custom message or image instead of CS-cart default In Stock/Out of stock line.
Customer Profile Page
Now make the customer profile page at your store look more stunning and alluring with CS-Cart Customer Profile Page add-on. This add-on allows the store adm...
Cкрыть часть описания товара до определенной высоты
Модуль скроет часть подробного описания товара (если оно больше чем установленный настройками размер) и добавит ссылку "Подробнее", по клику на которую раск...
Модуль позволяет показывать подсказки для полей профиля и автоматически определять местонахождение пользователя
Daily Deal
User store will encourage this idea that a short term sale occurence will steer consumers keeping the concept of “grab it before it's gone”.
Data feeds - extended
Improve your data feeds section, and export data from your store as XML file!
Deal of the day
The best marketing tool for e-commerce. Is completely automated mod that will make offers to your customers and inform them by email about the daily deal...
Deal of the day with Alerts
The best marketing tool for e-commerce. Is completely automated mod that will make offers to your customers and inform them by email about the daily deal...
decimal precision
Solve the problem with decimals at VAT prices
Default Category Sorting
Set category specific default sorting for products
Default settings of sending notifications
This is an extension module promotion, the possibility of discounting the cheapest product in your shopping cart.
  • Скидка 18%
Delhivery Shipping API Integration
Cscart delhivery integration, API integration, cscart delhivery addon
Delivery Confirmation Request
send delivery confirmation request to users
Delivery Feedback System
Gather customer feedback in a smart way by using the add-on CS-Cart Delivery Feedback System in your eCommerce store and enhance user experience.
Dependent payment methods
CS-Cart add-on to set payment method dependent on Countries, Shipping Methods, Locations
Developer's Add-on for CS-Cart
Developer is a free CS-Cart add-on for developers that aims to ease the development of add-ons and themes (reinstall addons, reinstall translations, pack re...
DHL shipping labels
 It adds the ability to get and print out DHL shipping labels through the CS-Cart admin panel. This feature is available not only for a CS-Cart store admini...
Different weight of products for shippings
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor  allows setting up different weight of product for each shipping. This allows you to differ shipping costs based on...
Dimensional Weight
Volumetric weight, sometimes called "dim" or dimensional weight, is used when the space a shipment takes may cost more than the shipment's actual weight. ...
Direcpay Payment Gateway
This magnificent add-on will help user of site to pay via Direcpay payment gateway, a leading payment gateway service in India.
Direct Inquiry
Displays a direct product enquiry form on the product details page.
  • Новинка
Disable payment processors for vendors
Add-on to Multi-Vendor allows disabling payment processors for vendors.
Disable periodic billings from vendor plans
Addon to  Multi-Vendor  allows blocking periodic billings from vendor plans.
Discount on selected group of products
The best addon to create promotions for specific groups of products.
Display Prices including taxes as primary
This add-on will display your product prices including tax as primary price.
Do not change inventory
Addon to  CS-Cart  and  Multi-Vendor  adds new option to order statuses and allows to keep inventory during order status changing.
Do not display information related to credit card payment
Add-on to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows disabling visibility of credit card information, without having to remove them from database.
  • Скидка 10%
DPS Payment Express add-on
Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) is a high-growth, innovative global leader in payment technology delivering a range of secure solutions to major corporat...
  • Скидка 9%
DPS Payment Express Recurring billing Add-on
Cart Modules created an add-on for Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) to integrate it in your Cs cart store, This Addon adds support for “Direct Payment ...
Drag-and-drop - модуль CS-Cart
Смотрите видео обзор здесь . Уже давно беспорным является тот факт, что эффектный и качественный фотоконтент – залог успеха любого интернет магазина. ...
Dynamic Category
Show a sidebox with current subcategories
Dynamic Filters on Search Page
Show dynamic filters based on product search results
Dynamic Preview
With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.
Dynamic Search
With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.
Easy Print
Cs-cart orders will be printed automatically to any thermal printer!
Easy set vendor permission
Addon to Multi-Vendor , Multi-Vendor PLUS , Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows configuring vendors access to administration panel. This way, you can lim...
Easy Tabs for CS-Cart 4.x
Get your tabs in order, easy and fast.
  • Скидка 25%
EasyPay payment gateway (Belarus) - CS-CART
Payment gateway system easy pay (www.easypay.by) for cscart shops.
eBay Feedback for CS-Cart
Does your business also sell on eBay? Show you eBay feedback rating on your CS-Cart store and boost consumer confidence.
EBS Payment Gateway
This magnificent extension allows user of site to use EBS payment gateway, India's most popular payment method with CS-Cart.
ELTA Courier for CS-Cart
Connect CS-Cart with ELTA Courier to create and print any Voucher
Email Manager
With the Dynamic Search module you get search results while you type.
Endicia Shipping Label
CS-Cart Endicia Shipping Label Generation allows store Admin to check Endicia account status, add Endicia postage, generate USPS shipping labels.
Engrave 2.0
Add-on to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows adding engrave options to products, which calculate price for each char, free chars and maximum length of en...
Enhanced eCommerce for Google Analytics
С помощью отчетов Enhanced Ecommerce можно анализировать поведение клиентов в процессе оформления заказа, какие категории и продукты приобретаются в корзине...
Данный модуль интегрирует платежную систему ePay от Казкоммерцбанка
Estimated Delivery Date
Let the customer be in the know of the delivery date when he is on checkout page. Estimate Delivery Date CS-Cart add-in it allows the admin to specify th...
Ether Camp Newsletters Integration
Send Professional Newsletters via Ether Camp Integrate CS Cart with Ether Camp within 3 steps!
Etsy Connector
With the help of Etsy Connector, you can manage your products and orders of Etsy via CS-Cart backend. You can also export and update the product on Etsy via...
EU Cookie Law Responsive & Multilanguage
The EU Cookie Law Addon is an add-on for informing visitors about the cookie privacy, which is required for all web pages by the EU Law. Its the only ...