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Linkwise Addon (Affiliate Marketing)
Connects you with Linkwise in order to keep track of the Networks sales
Payment - Shipping Options Combinations
How many times have you wanted to have a way of payment linked to a particular way of shipping method? The simplest example: When a customer,chooses ...
Banner Extended with Gallery
CS-Cart an intergrated banner Carousel but thats all. We decided to take it a little further and add the Hot Deals Functionality to it and a zoom effec...
SMS for customer update
A very useful CS-Cart Addon, so that your customers are informed about the progress of their order by SMS, in addition to the e-mail that CS-Cart already...
Featured Products
We have brought a fairly simple but highly demanded Addon, the Featured Products. It is taken from the Joomla VM world, where you can mark each product as ...
Option Filters for v4.x
For Options & for Option Combinations
Store Outlets For Cs-Cart
Another useful Addon for large stores with many outlets, that want to offer store pickup from different addresses. Store Outlets is giving you the abil...
Fixed tax per item for one category of products
Apply an amount of USD tax per item and not a percent (%) for example tires recycling eco tax.   So  when 8 tires are sold there will be 8x3$ tax = 24$ e...
Custom Order Print
Replace the default Order Printing with a more beautiful and functional Form. We changed the fonts, eliminated the highlighted capitals, placed the cor...
Google Tag Manager Conversion Tracking
The Google Tag Manager Conversion Tracking  add-on integrates Google Tag Manager into your website.  After you have created a  Google Tag Manager accou...
Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking
A very useful CS-Cart Addon for tracking Facebook Adsconversions. Start tracking conversions instantly on your store with no programming help. Easy to in...
Filters Seo Urls
The filters with SEO url allow you to have a friendly url on the pages of the selection filters in the categories but also additional custom meta descrip...
Video for Products
Video for Products add-on allows you to add videos to your products Pages   as a Tab, as a Gallery , before Description and after Description.\ Supports ...
Auto Title Creation
A new powerfull SEO addon is available to make yourCS-Cart  store visible to the search machines Dynamicly creates Page Title for Products, Categories...
Statistics Addon
Use this Addon to gather versatile store statistics and represent the data in a convenient and legible format. So you can evaluate your web store from ...
Wholesale Prices per Product
An add-on for importing wholesale prices per product. In a new tab in each product it is possible to set prices per wholesale group (more than one) and...
Select & Export Products by Date
From now on,you can select and export products by date
Product Shipping Calculation
The Additional Shipping Calculation on the Product is an add-on that will help you give the visitor the shipping cost of a product, without even putting ...
Color and icon Filter
A very useful Addon for your store. Present your Color Filters with colors or icons and allow your customers to easily choose visualy either by color or ...
Custom Brand Carousel
Add as many companies as you want to appear in the Carousel brand   The default add-on from CS-Cart does not give you the option to select when all the B...
Balance Update to receive Promotion
A new add-on that will be very useful as an Upsell tool in your store basket.   Informs the customer after each addition of products to the cart, for the...
Age Verify Access Popup
Confirm that the user is an adult,by using a popup
Тинькофф Оплата: Безопасная Сделка
В 2020 году Тинькофф Банк становится очень популярным в России. Тинькофф постоянно обновляет возможности своей платежной системы. В 2018 году была выпущена ...
Discount on selected group of products
The best addon to create promotions for specific groups of products.
ACS Courier
Connect the CS-Cart to the ACS Courier to create and print Vouchers
Instagram Gallery
Display your Instagram feed in CS-Cart by username or even by hastag
Cleverpoint for CS-Cart
Clever Point is the "smart solution" for your daily life as it offers flexibility through its innovative network of stores and ease in receiving and retu...
Responsive Newsletter Popup
Increase subscriptions in your store's Newsletter list
ELTA Courier for CS-Cart
Connect CS-Cart with ELTA Courier to create and print any Voucher
Advanced GDPR for CS-Cart 4.x
The ADVANCED GDPR Addon   with many automations that will make the use of default GDPR addon very simple and easy to use GDPR extended Extra Features...
Cookie Law Responsive & Multilanguage Simple
The Cookie Law Simple Addon is an add-on for informing visitors about the cookie privacy    You can display a responsive warning banner on the right or t...
CS-Cart Filter Counter
See the number of Products that each filter will bring
Greek Letters and Capital Letters on Checkout
Set any field in the cashier to accept only Greek and / or only Capital
Notification of Incompleted Orders
Gives the store owner more info about incompleted orders
Shipping method per product or call for shipping cost
Enhance your client with the ability to set shipping method per product
"Open Graph" Add-on για CS-Cart
Add Open Graph and Twitter Card to products and categories
Banner & Newsletter Popups for CS-Cart
Open as many pages as you want, as many popups as you want with different content
Advanced Product Redirect
Clever Redirect for Deleted or Disabled Products
JSON-LD Add-on for CS-Cart
Add Structured Data to products and categories
decimal precision
Solve the problem with decimals at VAT prices
Facebook and Google Feed Add-on για CS-Cart
customizable XML ideal for dynamic Facebook Adds and Google Merchant
Skroutz SKU Review for CS-Cart
View product reviews from Skroutz users in your store
Geniki Courier for CS-Cart
Connect CS-Cart with Geniki Courier to create and print any Voucher
Categories Import-Export
Import and Export categories with their items as you do with products
Speedex Courier
Connect the CS-Cart to the Speedex Courier to create and print a Voucher
Order Review Reminder
Send emails to your cliens automatically to receive an order review
Total Costs with Shipping
Модуль позволяет определить общую стоимость товара, включая дополнительные расходы
  • Хит
Анимированные снежинки
Удивите ваших клиентов анимированными снежинками к новому году!
  • Новинка
Disable payment processors for vendors
Add-on to Multi-Vendor allows disabling payment processors for vendors.
  • Новинка
Две фотографии в карточке товара для CS-Cart
Изменяет шаблон карточки товара в каталоге, добавляя два независимых изображения
  • Новинка
Экспорт/Импорт страниц для CS-Cart и Multi-Vendor
Модуль добавляет функционал импорта и экспорта страниц для массового редактирования или переноса между сайтами.
  • Новинка
Два изображения в карточки товара для Multi-Vendor
Изменяет шаблон карточки товара в каталоге, добавляя два независимых изображения.
  • Скидка 20%
[DATAROU] Order Analysis Pro
Do you know what products are sold most, or which month do you have the most sales? Or vice versa? [DATAROU] Order Analysis Pro provides additional featu...
  • Скидка 31%
[DATAROU] Order Analysis
Do you know what products are sold most, or which month do you have the most sales? Or vice versa? [DATAROU] Order analysis is the powerful tool for you ...
  • Скидка 40%
[DS] Синхронизация корзины между устройствами
Одинаковое актуальное содержимое корзины покупателя на любом устройстве или браузере.
Block sum of orders visibility for administrators
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows blocking certain groups of administrators ability to see sum of orders.
Город для промо-акций
Модуль добавляет возможность учитывать город в условиях промо-акции.
  • Скидка 25%
[DATAROU] Export User Extra fields
Default export of user's extra fields are very difficult to use due to data structure. [DATAROU] Export User Extra fields addon allows you to export user...
  • Скидка 29%
EZ Hide Vendor Fields
Send automatic followup emails based on products purchased, amount of order, category of purchase, etc. Request reviews, make special offers or generally...
SMSLink Addon integrates SMSLink service with CS-Cart, enabling your shop to send automatic SMS notifications about order statues. With over 140 million SMS...
Poptin: Pop Ups & Contact Us Forms
Boost sales and capture more leads with beautiful pop ups and forms that you can create in less than two minutes
Скидка на следующий заказ
Вы сможете подарить вашим клиентам скидку на следующий заказ и вернуть их в свой магазин.
  • Скидка 33%
[DATAROU] Export Product Options
Do you want to export product options data? Here it is. Now you can export product options data with [DATAROU] Export Product Options addon. How to i...
  • Скидка 34%
[DATAROU] Default CSV delimiter
If you don't use CSV delimiter of "Semicolon", it is annoying to select another CSV delimiter every type when you Export data/Import data. [DATAROU] Defau...
Панель уведомления Cookie
Удобная и простая панель уведомления Cookie для Ваших пользователей.
Make your site engaging and interactive with FreiChat
Show simple agreement on login page
Addon to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows adding special agreement to login screen, which must be accepted by customer.
Подписка на товар (повторяющиеся заказы)
Получите больше постоянных клиентов, автоматизируя их рутинные повторяющиеся покупки.
SMS Notifications Sender
Простой в использовании модуль, позволяющий автоматически отправлять SMS-оповещения клиентам и администраторам Вашего интернет-магазина
[DS] Fonts preload
При проверке вашего сайта с помощью PageSpeed Insights вы можете получить предупреждение : Рассмотрите возможность использования "link rel=preload" ...
FedEx Почтовые Наклейки
CS-Cart модуль FedEx Почтовые Наклейки позволяет создавать и печатать почтовые наклейки прямо из административной панели CS-Cart. Печать транспортных ярлыко...
USPS транспортные этикетки
С помощью модуля "USPS траспортные этикетки" администраторы CS-Cart и вендоры в Multi Vendor могут печатать транспортные этикетки и ярлыки из административн...
Напоминание клиенту, что товар кончается и пора сделать новый заказ
Модуль для генерации повторных продаж. Напоминает автоматически вашим клиентам, что пора сделать новый заказ.
Smartarget Telegram - Contact Us
Увеличивает конверсию сайта с помощью канала связи через Telegram
Smartarget Social Follow Us
Получите больше подписчиков в соц. сетях
Smartarget Corner Ribbon
Угловая лента на сайт для скидок и акций.